Guidelines for Assisting Seniors with Personal Hygiene


Most of our days are spent doing activities of daily living. Among these is observing personal hygiene. Needless to say, doing personal care routines is essential for people of all ages, from child care to senior care. It is important to keep in mind that it isn’t only about grooming, but it is also essential in taking protective measures against illnesses and diseases.

The importance of observing proper hygiene for every person couldn’t be stressed enough. This holds especially true among those who require home support services in Southampton, PA, and other parts of the world. Doing personal care routines helps prevent health complications. Being well-groomed enables them to protect themselves against harmful microorganisms, such as germs and viruses.

Some seniors find it easy to do personal care routines. Meanwhile, it’s a different story for the rest. Seniors who have mobility problems may find it challenging to observe proper personal hygiene. Letting them do it on their own is risky for their safety. The good news is they can rely on other people for assistance. Their loved ones as well as healthcare workers can help them when it comes to this. Ideally, they should take note of these guidelines:

  • Prepare clothing for a cover-up.

  • Use high-quality continence care supplies.

  • Check the water temperature beforehand.

  • Make sure that the bathroom floor isn’t slippery.

  • Let the senior be independent as much as possible.

Ensure your senior loved one’s comfort and safety by following these tips! For top-quality and dependable non-medical support in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, Elders Choice of PA is the name you can count on.

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