Medication Management Tips for Aging Adults


Managing medications is a common challenge that seniors face. Moreover, many seniors practice polypharmacy which entails taking multiple medications to manage different chronic conditions. In addition to receiving home support services in Southampton, PA, there are many helpful ways to help seniors better manage their medications.

As a senior care provider, we will share medication management tips for older adults:

  • Set daily reminders.

    To help seniors remember to take their medications, set an alarm reminder on their phone or watch. Prepare a calendar and set up a reminder system to keep track of their prescription refill dates. A home health aide can also be responsible for providing reminders throughout the day.

  • Create a medication list.

    Being familiar with which medications your loved one is taking can help prevent negative drug interactions. Create a medication list of their prescription medications, supplements, vitamins, and over-the-counter medications. Be sure to record how often each medication is taken, what the dosage of each item is, and the healthcare provider who prescribed each prescription medication.

  • Pre-sort medications.

    A pill organizer can help seniors keep track of their medications for the week. Caregivers can pre-sort medications in advance to make them easier to remember. If any pills need to be split, it may be best to cut them in halves in advance before placing them in pill container compartments.

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