Most Common Accidents at Home and How to Prevent Them


As providers of home health services for seniors, being knowledgeable about household accidents, basic first aid, and how to prevent them is a necessity. Due to age, injuries from accidents are becoming more common. One cause is accidental poisoning of household substances. Cleaning products and other toxic substances should be stored away from an elder’s reach. Clear labels in packaging help for easier distinguishing especially among the visually impaired elders.

Home support services in Southampton, PA take choking hazards seriously. According to NCS, it is the cause of 1,830 deaths of older adults aged 65 and above in 2017. Hard, smooth, and small foods like nuts, peas, and popcorn should not be given.

It is encouraged to include home renovation as part of senior care services. Installation of handrails, more lights on the stairs, and even ramps help minimize the occurrence of slips and falls. Caregivers and home health aides should keep the house, especially high-traffic areas, clutter-free. Prevention of slips and falls consists of securing loose rugs and wires from electrical appliances, using non-slip mats, putting away small objects, and keeping the furniture organized.

Home health services providers like Elders Choice of PA are also wary of cuts and lacerations. Similar to household cleaning products, sharp objects like cutlery, home repair tools, art supplies, and sewing materials should be stored safely and kept out of the elderly’s reach. Safety latches can be installed for additional precaution where cutlery and glassware are stored. 

It always pays off to be vigilant and careful even when you’re at home. For additional resources on non-medical support in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, explore the available informative blogs found on our website. Reach us now!

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