How to Encourage Healthy Eating Habits in Seniors?


Eating healthy is an obvious need that people across all age groups can benefit from. It is even more important for vulnerable groups like infants, older adults, and those with medical conditions and disabilities. A home health aide plays a large role in the eating habits of an elderly client. Here are ways they can help seniors.

Home support services in Southampton, PA plan healthy meals for seniors who struggle with getting enough nutrition. Caregivers and HHAs are tasked with shopping for groceries and are expected to choose ingredients suitable for their client’s needs. Incorporating healthy fats, fiber, ample calories, and lean protein into the diet lessens the chances of malnutrition.

It is also the duty of senior care providers to make food appealing to older adults.¬†When cooking meals, both the taste and the ease of chewing the food should be considered. It is because oral problems and the decline in smell and taste affect a person’s attitude toward food as they grow older.

Another important aspect of encouraging the elderly to eat more is making meals an opportunity for socialization. Eating alone only lowers their appetite, no matter how appealing the food may be. Thus, when seniors are having difficulty feeding themselves, it is an indicator to get home care services. Elderly care providers like Elders Choice of PA are encouraged to join their clients for a meal.

It is not an easy task for caregivers to encourage their clients to form healthy eating habits. If you’re a family member and are having difficulty with feeding a loved one, you can always turn to us for non-medical support in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. Contact us now!

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