Stress Management for Seniors Aging in Place


Stress is an unwelcome guest in our lives, but it can be especially challenging for seniors. But that’s what we, Elders Choice of PA, are here for. We provide services to clients to make them feel supported and less alone while aging in place. Among these services, companionship provides our older clients with their much-needed social connection.

Our senior care encompasses more than just physical well-being; it’s about nurturing a healthy mind, too. By maintaining powerful stress management techniques, seniors can reduce feelings of loneliness.

Our caregivers, besides offering non-medical support in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, can also assist seniors in stress-relieving activities. Engaging in activities together, like a leisurely stroll or a simple card game, can provide a welcome distraction from stressors. Sharing stories and laughter creates a positive atmosphere that combats anxiety, too.

Deep breathing exercises are another useful tool that is done by taking slow, deep breaths during overwhelming moments. Moreover, it’s important that seniors maintain a routine, too. Schedules provide a sense of security, reducing the stress of not knowing what to do next.

But we know that filling up their daily schedule can be quite hard, especially if they spend all their day at home. This is why we don’t underestimate the power of hobbies such as reading, playing music, or crafting. Activities like these offer a pleasant escape from daily worries that appear when one has a lot of time on their hands. Incorporating meditation or gentle yoga into the routine can also help. Besides promoting mental clarity and emotional balance, these are great ways to spend their free time.

Managing stress for seniors goes beyond just addressing physical needs. Companionship and these stress management techniques can go a long way in ensuring a healthy mind. If you or your loved one requires home support services in Southampton, PA, contact us

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